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    What Students say
    No matter how crazy or stressful things are going the one thing I can always look forward to is getting a chance to dance a couple times a week -- when I started, I did not imagine that I'd have gone this far and made this much progress, it has made a huge impact on my life.            - Ron Smith


    Every once in awhile, if you are blessed, you will meet people that make your life, not just better, but really extraordinary. I met Mary when my wife, Jan, and I decided we needed dance lessons for our daughter Kaitlin's wedding. Fortune smiled on us when we found her. Our dancing made the wedding more enjoyable, and Mary became our dear friend. -Bob Elliott


    Hi Mary,
    Thanks for the lesson when you were here.  Saturday night is the showcase.  During the lesson you suggested I pick someone to emulate.  I  picked you.  I intend to be open, confident, expressive and happy when dancing publicly.... like you.  I would appreciate you sending me some of that GREAT "  Mary energy". :) :) :)




    Mary Pinizzotto


    Hi, I'm Mary Pinizzotto and I've been teaching people to dance for over 20 years. I've competed at top levels in professional ballroom - both the American Rhythm style (Cha cha, Rumba, Swing, Bolero and Mambo) and the American Smooth style (Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Viennese Waltz). I'm passionate about dance - so much so that I made 365 days of dance videos for The Freebox Everyday Dance Project.   Yoga, life coaching, expressive movement, improvisation and theatrical performance also inform my teaching style. Private lessons are tailored to your specific needs - with an emphasis on lessons being fun and challenging. I love to get people dancing!




     Long time friend and Salsa dancer, Don Bodenbach and I had fun with this "Hollywood Swinging" Routine

    With pro-partner, Eric Fillion performing a Tango Showdance

    At The United States Ballroom Championships, Waltzing with pro-partner David Medieros

    Performing a Viennese Waltz with Eric Fillion at a Christmas Party




    Want more fun out of life? Get started today!

    Ballroom dancing is fun, challenging and rewarding.  Many people find that thier lifestyle improves dramatically when they start taking lessons.  It's a way to meet new friends, it's mentally stimulating and a great way to get physically fit - check out what the U.S. Surgeon General has to say about dancing! If you need even more reasons to dance, click here.

    If you're thinking about taking just a couple of lessons, that's great. In your first few lessons, you'll learn how to hold your partner and move smoothly to music with a few basic patterns. Most people who are preparing for a specific event like an upcoming wedding or high school reunion should plan on taking from five to 20 lessons. People learn best when they take lessons consistently, at least once a week.

    When you become a good dancer, you'll look and feel better than you have in years; your posture improves, your waistline slims, you have a fun hobby to share with friends. Regular dance training gives you a healthy new lifestyle.

    How do you choose an instructor or school that's right for you?

    Partner dancing is ultimately a conversation between the leader and the follower, so my advice is to have a conversation with the instructor. Then go with your gut.

    If you find someone that seems competent and professional - that's a great start. Do they seem to understand your personal goals? Are they experienced enough to help you achieve them? Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

    • Are you preparing for a specific event?
    • Are you just trying to get over being a total klutz?
    • Do you want to gain the mental and physical fitness benefits of learning ballroom dance?
    • Do you want to go out dancing for fun - or are are you a 'Dancing with the Stars' wannabe?

    A word to the wise: there are dance studios that will encourage you to sign a contract, or sell you a program of hundreds of lessons. With me, you'll never commit to more than a few at a time. Like those big studios, I'm in the dance business - but I put the 'dance' in front of 'the business.' Your tuition buys you years of professional experience, not layers of management and franchise fees.

    I offer a variety of dance services and lessons including:

    Ballroom and Social Dance Instruction

    • Quickly learn the basics of dances like Salsa, Foxtrot, Swing and Rumba
    • Learn to lead or follow so you can dance well with any partner
    • Feel more relaxed in social situations, have fun and make new friends
    • No partner necessary
    • All levels beginner to professional

     Wedding Dance

    • Look fabulous in just a few, stress-free, lessons
    • Make your first dance the best memory from your wedding
    • Our easy style of teaching will have you dancing in no time.
    • Get your entire wedding party involved with our unique Party Packages

    Special Events

    • Corporate
    • Team building
    • Group lessons at your party
    • Outreach public dance events
    • Creative services designed for your needs

    Dance Mastery Coaching

    • Personal development through dance
    • Develop core skills
    • Challenge yourself to be your personal best

    “How can I describe the kind of person who is on a path to mastery? First, I don't think it should be so dead serious. I think you should understand the joy of it, the fun of it.”
    George Leonard, Author, Mastery

    In George Leonard's book, Mastery: Keys to fulfillment, he talks about 5 keys to Mastery in any aspect of life. What's really nifty is when you apply these keys to any area of your life, your entire life shines because of it.

    My Dance Mastery approach takes into account that you're learning to dance for a bevy of reasons, many of which are much deeper than may appear.  Learning to do anything well and with integrity bolsters your self esteem and empowers you to be your best. Dancing is, by it's very nature, a joyful activity. The more skilled a dancer you are, the more fun it is. But fun is the key word.

    Whatever your unique goals are, I'd love to talk with you about helping you reach them. If I'm not the right instructor for you, I'll be happy to help you find someone who is a great fit.  Click here to contact me or call me at 816.343.4634 and let's have that conversation!