The Freebox Everyday Dance Project

Our new studio, Freebox Movement Arts, is now open!  It's a beautiful space in the Crossroads Arts District that appeared the last week of December 2013 and my partner Lila Peake and I said YES, we will fill this space.  We will fill it with movement of many forms, all with the philosophy that movement is art, and we are all movement artists.  

The inspiration for the name of our new studio comes from The Freebox Everyday Dance Project - which has almost 400,000 views on Youtube. For 365 consecutive days I made a dance video every single day - sometimes by myself - often with friends and even strangers. I danced all over the country with a single mission: Get people to Sit Less and Dance More.

Here's some of the press coverage we got:


The January 2011 issue of KC Magazine featured Mary on their page for fitness.



Listen to KCUR's Up to Date with Steve Kraske interview Mary by clicking here.

We even danced with the staff at KCUR!


Feature story in The La Jolla Light


Front page of the Kansas City Star Living