Show Dance

Showdance is a great way to exercise your creativity and improve your dancing.  It's a lot of fun too.  I work beginners to professionals to improve their performance skills and to help them be more expressive in their dancing and their lives.

This is my student, Ron Smith. This is after 18 months of regular (one - two per week) lessons. He's living proof of the positive impact the Dance Mastery approach delivers.

Marvin Rollison, VP at KCPL and I participate in Cristo Rey's "Dancing with the Kansas City Stars 2012"


 Long time friend and Salsa dancer, Don Bodenbach and I had fun with this "Hollywood Swinging" Routine

With pro-partner, Eric Fillion performing a Tango Showdance

At The United States Ballroom Championships, Waltzing with pro-partner David Medieros

Performing a Viennese Waltz with Eric Fillion at a Christmas Party




Dance Mastery Coaching

  • Mastery: The Keys to Success and Long-Term Fulfillment
    by George Leonard

    Dance Mastery
    In George Leonard's book, Mastery: Keys to fulfillment, he talks about 5 keys to Mastery in any aspect of life. What's really nifty is when you apply these keys to any area of your life, your entire life shines because of it
    George's 5 keys are:

    You've got to let yourself do what you love to do. Love what you do when you do it. Love every moment of it and everything about it...even the parts you hate.


    This may sound redundant, but you've got to practice to make progress.  Practice is the process that leads to progress.  Make sure you're practicing as well as you can. This is where #3 can help you a lot!

    3. GET A GUIDE

    That would be me.  If want to find out how dance can bring out your personal best in all areas, then you've come to the right place.


    See the best possible you. Athletes have long known about the mind-body connection, and studies have proven that visualization works. It's not about winning or losing, it's about turning something you vividly imagine into a real-world performance.  In and of themselves our goals are simply markers; what's important is that they help us to play a bigger game.


    Take some risks. Don't censor yourself. Allow yourself to dream big. Invest in your greatness.

    Mary has won championship ballroom titles.  Her teaching approach is informed by professional level training in yoga, expressive movement, and theatrical performance. She is a member of both the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Film and Television Artists.