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Healthy, Happy, Whole

Last Wednesday Dance Kansas City had the pleasure of participating in the "Healthy, Happy, Whole" expo, held at the Federal building for the Army Corps of Engineers and other federal employees.   

Nicole Hernandez was the organizer of the event. She called us because she loves to dance and wanted to offer the powerful benefits that learning to dance provides to the other Army Corps of Engineer workers.

 Ballroom Unlimited teachers: Perry Gingerich, Matt Schissler, Josh Thornton, Katie Moshier, Abby Vogels and my husband Mark attended the event. We met hundreds of folks and had a blast introducing them to the benefits of dance.

Every time I get the opportunity to share the physical and mental and social fitness benefits ballroom dance provides, I feel so priveleged.  I thank my lucky stars for the day someone invited me to their studio...I never stopped dancing! Hopefully, these folks will feel the same.  

 The new Monday night Beginner's Only group class will be full of these folks, so if you see them in the Studio, introduce yourself and give them a warm welcome.